1876 Crimson Ln

  Sold: 4/16/04 Represented: Buyer

3715 Yorkton Way, Santa Rosa

$715,000  Sold: 3/10/2004 Represented: Buyer, Seller We helped a couple relocating here find this house, a little over a year later we helped them sell it when they moved away.  

2260 Los Alamos Rd, Santa Rosa

$940,000  Sold: 01/29/2004 Represented: Seller This property situated at the very top of Los Alamos Rd had amazing 360 degree views, but a long drive up and down the mountain every day.    

21708 Broadway, Sonoma

$1,260,000  Sold: 11/11/2003 Represented: Buyer A couple from Atlanta that loved the wine country, purchased this property after searching for over a year.  

14363 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen

$1,975,000  Sold: 11/04/2003 Represented: Buyer A family from San Francisco purchased this property which was in pretty bad shape. They cleaned it up and discovered it was over 3 times bigger than was represented by the seller. They have planted grapes, remodeled a cottage and are buidling a main house.  

5880 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa

$               Sold: 9/29/2003 Represented: Buyer Family relocated to Santa Rosa purchased 40 acres of raw land and built barn and home    

1900 Clark Road, Marshal

$2,000,000  Sold:  6/06/2003 Represented: Buyer, Seller We helped a couple from Marin by this spectacular ocean view parcel and then sell it two years later for a profit.  

4800 Peracca Rd, Santa Rosa

$611,000  Sold: 7/20/2012 Represented: Buyer When this 7 acre property came on the market at least $50,000 under priced, we called our clients and told them they had to make an offer sight unseen – and they did. They ended up getting the property and building a beautiful for their family.

I just wanted to put words to thought and say thank you again for your help with our house purchase. When we have chatted with our friends who have gone through the house buying process I am continually appreciative of your help and knowledge...I recommend you to everyone I know.