1876 Crimson Ln

  Sold: 4/16/04 Represented: Buyer

3715 Yorkton Way, Santa Rosa

$715,000  Sold: 3/10/2004 Represented: Buyer, Seller We helped a couple relocating here find this house, a little over a year later we helped them sell it when they moved away.  

2260 Los Alamos Rd, Santa Rosa

$940,000  Sold: 01/29/2004 Represented: Seller This property situated at the very top of Los Alamos Rd had amazing 360 degree views, but a long drive up and down the mountain every day.    

21708 Broadway, Sonoma

$1,260,000  Sold: 11/11/2003 Represented: Buyer A couple from Atlanta that loved the wine country, purchased this property after searching for over a year.  

14363 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen

$1,975,000  Sold: 11/04/2003 Represented: Buyer A family from San Francisco purchased this property which was in pretty bad shape. They cleaned it up and discovered it was over 3 times bigger than was represented by the seller. They have planted grapes, remodeled a cottage and are buidling a main house.  

5880 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa

$               Sold: 9/29/2003 Represented: Buyer Family relocated to Santa Rosa purchased 40 acres of raw land and built barn and home    

1900 Clark Road, Marshal

$2,000,000  Sold:  6/06/2003 Represented: Buyer, Seller We helped a couple from Marin by this spectacular ocean view parcel and then sell it two years later for a profit.  

4800 Peracca Rd, Santa Rosa

$611,000  Sold: 7/20/2012 Represented: Buyer When this 7 acre property came on the market at least $50,000 under priced, we called our clients and told them they had to make an offer sight unseen – and they did. They ended up getting the property and building a beautiful for their family.

Marie set our price, and with in 1 1/2 days we had 4 competitive offers. Marie returned a phone call with in hours. She always had the answer I was asking for. Marie was on time and professional. We had a difficult closing, and Marie kept us on track...